Fundraising Success for Nexus Energy Center: Fall Farm to Table

Nexus Energy Center hosted two community fundraising events to continue energy efficiency improvements for veteran and elderly community.

2017 Fall Farm to Table Fundraiser

Unique Fundraiser to raise funds for community home energy efficiency improvements

Our evening began with complementary wine and beer supplied by Mary’s Grocery and Rocket Republic. We were surrounded by the warm fall colors in the beautiful McMullen Cove neighborhood. Our Farm to Table is a relaxing and more intimate fundraising function and we look forward to it every year. Funds raised from this event help to continue The Comfort Project and Nexus Energy Center’s impact on the community’s energy awareness.

The Setting

Past Farm to Table nights have experienced tornados and rain, but this night had clear skies and crisp air. The tables were decorated with local pumpkins donated by S & J Produce Farm in Madison, fresh rosemary, and rustic candle holders created by Creel Design Company. The location was the beautiful McMullen Cove Neighborhood in Gurley, AL.

The Menu

Dinner was created from fresh, local ingredients and every dish was unique in so many ways. Chef Helen created a Cajun inspired menu. We enjoyed a Bayou butternut squash and apple soup garnished with Cajun spiced pepitas. The salad was fresh greens from Double Eagle Farms topped with tender, melt in your mouth, gulf shrimp with remoulade sauce. The main entrée was a spicy, blackened Tyson chicken with Delta Blues dirty rice, and mushrooms cooked in lemon butter, and honey brushed acorn squash. Dessert was Ayer Farms apple bread pudding with homemade caramel Irons Distillery bourbon sauce.

The vegetarians had delicious options as well with roasted S & J Produce Farms okra for the salad and a Cajun inspired stuffed Portobello mushroom cap for the entrée.

The Donors

Every year we are gifted fresh vegetables beer, wine, and more to make the night special. This year we had some repeat sponsors and some new sponsors. Rocket Republic Brewing Company donated beer and time for the event, Mary’s Grocery donated wine, and Southern Pride Distillery donated whiskey. Double Eagle Farms came through again with tender romaine lettuce for the salads and hatch chili’s found in the homemade pimento cheese. Tyson donated the tender chicken again for the fall and spring Farm to Table. Delta Blues Rice donated the rice for our entrée side dish. Ayers Farmers Market donated many produce items including the apples for the bread pudding. S & J Produce Farms in Madison donated the pumpkins for the decorations. Other donors include Krogers, Sam’s, Walmart, Sprouts, and Georgia Olive Farm.

Thank you

We always enjoy the Farm to Table. It is an intimate gathering with only sixty people. We are able to walk around and get to know everyone. This years sponsors for the Fall Farm to Table included ADTRAN, Redstone Federal Credit Union, and Servis 1st Bank. We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to seeing you all again next year!

About Nexus Energy Center

Nexus Energy Center is a 501 (c) 3 located in Madison. We have been creating energy efficient homes for homes in need since 2010. Our goal is to create an energy smart community that is concerned for the environmental impact of our daily household energy use. We attend many events through out the year to educate companies and individuals. We work hard to make an impact in the lives of everyone we touch. With the help of you, we can make homes comfortable and energy efficient throughout the North Alabama region.

How do we do this? We perform a whole home energy audit that shows where the home is performing poorly. We provide a permanent fix to those problems to save the homeowner money and help them to be comfortable in their own home.

How can you help? We can make your home energy efficient too! We are HVAC licensed and BPI Certified. Call us today if you have high utility bills. We can save YOU money. You have the added benefit of knowing your payment helps another home as well as it helps Nexus Energy Center continue the vital work! -256-426-6941

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