SAVING ENERGY: Water heating

Winter is slowly spreading its energy around us…

At the end of a tiring day, most of us dream of a cozy evening home and a hot bath to unwind and relax. However, during the cold season, comes also energy consumption which without doubt rises due to our demands to stay warm. Consequently, our main concern and fear of course, is the electricity bill! But not if you think and act in a smart way!

The bigger part of a home’s energy consumption, as we very well know, is either due to heat the houses’ space or to cool it off.

But what if I revealed to you that 18% of the electricity bill rises by heating the water! It virtually makes it one of the most significant domestic energy expenses.

Monthly energy consumption with its analogue cost can be reduced if you adopt hot water savings and energy-efficient water heating tips. This way you will be able to save energy, water and of course money. Thus, the benefit is double for our environment and our pocket.

Washing machines for clothes and dishwashers are appliances that consume the biggest amount of water. Next time you decide to buy either one, check the Energy Guide label and make sure that it is energy-efficient. Τhey are more expensive, but in the long run, you will actually save a lot of money. If on the other hand you do not need a new one or cannot afford to buy it, then load the current one you have to its full capacity, select the appropriate program, and adjust the water temperature and its duration. If you are a traditional housewife that washes clothes and dishes by hand, then bare in mind that not only is it a tough job, but it is also more costly. The consumption of energy may be smaller but the use of water is tremendous.

Do you like plumbing? Here is a job for you. Check if there are any tap or pipe leaks and repair them. Selecting a low water flow may save you a lot of money and energy consumption.

So how about we have a hot winter with a wallet full of money but also, with a much less damaged environment? Sounds good right?

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