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Nexus Energy Center helps families, businesses save and produce their own energy. We also help Alabama communities build capacity to scale smart and clean energy deployment. We need your donation to continue our work!

Comfort Project homes are made possible by donors and supporters like you!

Our AlabamaWISE Program has upgraded millions of square feet of building space and saved homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs. Our Comfort Project helps those who otherwise would not be able to make home energy upgrades, such as the elderly, disabled, and fixed-income.

Renewable energy installed through our WISE Home Energy Program.

Renewable energy installed through our AlabamaWISE Program

But we do more than help people take control of utility costs! Nexus also pursues sustainable energy projects like solar power, bio-fuels and hydro power to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and make Alabama a clean energy producer.

Our Renewable Energy Institute at Drake State is building the green workforce of the future. Our efforts have led to job creation and solid economic growth.

We want to create a smart and sustainable Alabama that can prosper with high-quality jobs and enjoy the community resources Mother Nature has given us.

And don’t forget – every donation is tax-deductible, and certain employers even offer gift matching!

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