Comfort Success Story! The Wades!

News coming up from the Comfort Project and the Wade family!

Warmer and better days at their home!

Nexus Energy Center managed to transform a house built in 1960 into a comfortable, warm and less expensive home just by applying energy efficiency measures.

  • First, the HVAC was serviced and the return became larger so that an improved and more efficient airflow is succeeded.
  • Then, the air infiltration was reduced thanks to sealing penetrations.
  • A new vapor barrier was installed, as well as an attic insulation to meet code at R-38 and a R-19 batt insulation in crawl space areas where it was missing.



The family saw not only an increase in the energy and heat sufficiency, but also in their savings. Starting from 1,2% in December and climbing up to 25% in January, 29% in February until the glorious 36% in March!

These are the numbers of a success story. And Wade family is our success story.

Because for us at Nexus Energy Center it’s all about the people!

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