Nexus Energy Center at Calhoun Community College

Do you ever feel nostalgic about your school days? Back then when you were a student and life was simpler? And if you do feel nostalgic what are the days you miss the most? For us are the days we were going on educational trips!

And this is what we did today! We left our houses today, passed our office and drove all the way to Calhoun Community College!


There we met with Jerry Adams and John Douglas of Calhoun Community College. These two inspiring men help Alabama contractors and partners learn about the 2015 Energy Code.

What is the 2015 Energy Code?

Glad you asked!

This new Energy Code is responsible for increasing the envelope and duct tightness parameters. This means it’s even more important to get great professionals like Nexus Energy Center and our AlabamaWISE partners to check out your home and provide affordable solutions. Once the envelope and ducts are tightened a home will be more comfortable with lower utility bills PLUS you will be meeting the Energy Code.



You still have questions? Inquiries? Appetite for learning more about this new code and energy? How this thing affects your house and your monthly spend on utilities?

Then contact us! This is what we are here for! 

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