Energy Savers : Summer Energy Saving Tips

Summer is coming and the heat can become unbearable – as a result we use our air conditioner more.

By using the air conditioner efficiently, one can increase its lifespan.  The cost of repair can be really high, so overusing your air conditioner will not only cause high electric bills but also possible high repair costs. Moreover, by using your air conditioner for many hours, you consume a high amount of energy, which can destroy the environment.

It is a responsibility for all of us to protect the environment by reducing the energy we consume in our everyday life.

There are several simple tips to follow during the summer in order to minimize the energy that is consumed inside the home.

First, instead of using the air conditioner, open your windows if the weather is cool enough. This allows fresh air into the home.

Furthermore, use the thermostat efficiently. Do not decrease the temperature of the thermostat if it is not needed, and set the temperature to a higher setting when you go to bed or leave the house.

Do not overuse the lighting. Turn off the lights when you do not need them. Lights create heat inside the house and increase the need for the air conditioner.

This summer find alternative ways to cool your home and reduce the energy you consume.



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