Comfort Project Results!

The secret for everything is to keep going.
With smaller or bigger steps it doesn’t really matter.

Just keep going.

We keep going for our community, for wonderful people, for our partners, volunteers and supporters. And the greatest reward for us is to see these wonderful people with a big wonderful smile on their face.
The Comfort Project gives us this reward, this time with Mrs.Coleman.
We were more than happy and proud to see a modern house built in 2005 becoming more energy efficient and less expensive.

The family’s electric utility savings reached the impressive 31%! And all this thanks to these measures.

 Rigid foam board along the attic knee walls
 Air sealing of all accessible air leakage penetrations
 A sheet metal cap over an open chase of the oven exhaust hood
 New weather stripping on the exterior doors
A blanket around the water heater due to the location being in the garage

img_0461Nexus Energy Center knows how to make life better.

We know how to keep going. Thank you for all the support!

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