Solar Purchases to Add to Home’s Curb Appeal

Fun Solar Purchases to Add to Your Home’s Curb Appeal

By Katie Comer

Solar power purchases are an inexpensive and effective tool to boost a home’s curb appeal. Here are a few of Modernize’s favorite ideas that can add curb appeal to your home using solar purchases.


Brighten the existing landscape of any yard by adding solar powered garden lights. What used to be available in only dull, traditional black spikes, garden lights have expanded to a fun variety, like torches, rock lights, and mosaic bulbs. Check out the listings at any hardware merchandiser to see what options could complement your home’s green areas.

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Continue to brighten the home by adding some strategically placed wall lights. Available in many styles, whether modern or a traditional lantern, these lights will work to showcase the siding of the home or a front entrance. Not only do these wall lights improve the home’s looks, but improves the home’s safety, too. Motion censored options are available, while still staying stylish.

If there is an outdoor wall or entryway for the home, drape solar powered fairy lights in the area to add more depth. Depending on the existing décor, go with white or color lights, or change it up depending on the season. There are different bulb shapes and designs also available, making for more ways to personalize the look. Fairy lights also look great draped from tree branches or against the base of a tree. Because the lights are solar powered, power cords no longer present any limitations, allowing more creativity with how these lights are draped and displayed.

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Solar Rooms

If sprucing up the landscape with lighting isn’t enough to boost the curb appeal, consider adding a solar room to the front piece of the home. Using the right materials—thin wood framing and thin-film plastics—a solar room can be a low-cost investment to the home’s value and appeal. Be thoughtful in the room’s location, with which side of the house is to grab the most sunlight. Depending on the room’s design, large openings are available to really brighten up the home with natural lighting. Consider placing vegetation, or even solar panels, in the room to grab the energy the room is collecting.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have come a long way from the bulky frames that President Jimmy Carter famously installed on top of the White House. Several solar panel designs allow the panels to rest firmly against the house without notice. Or the panels can complement a house’s existing roofing. The panels flatly tuck away into the roofing paneling, giving a house a purposeful and modern look. Not only are their looks improving, but costs for solar panels are bettering, too. Prices vary based on the wattage and panel size.

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