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E-mail us or call us at 256-426-6941 to talk to one of our energy experts. We are happy to provide you with answers to your questions about home performance, efficiency upgrades, and more! We offer unbiased contractor referrals, specializing in independently verified home heating, cooling, water heating, insulation, window installation and duct work improvements.

AlabamaWISE is a non-profit community program offering:

  • A licensed HVAC contractor on staff
  • A Nexus technician certified to perform home energy audits
  • Energy cost savings through high performance ENERGY STAR equipment
  • Low-interest loans to help you complete your energy saving project


Contacting us about a contractor referral? Here’s what to expect:

We will put you in touch with a participating AlabamaWISE contractor who will work with you to complete a comprehensive home energy assessment. The contractor will identify and measure your home’s needs to produce the best performing system and provide you with details about your HVAC system such as size, location and type that will provide you with the best performance.

More about the AlabameWISE program:

AlabamaWISE is a community energy program empowering Alabama families to take control of their home’s AlabamaWISE Coupleperformance. We offer unbiased advice on efficient home improvements, reliable contractor referrals and affordable loans.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR has certified that our quality assurance standards meet their high standards for rigor and performance; Nexus Energy Center is one of the only Home Performance ENERGY STAR partners in Alabama. Our contractors must perform to those standards or better in order to be a member of our referral program. Because of this, our contractors are giving you the very best that ENERGY STAR has to offer.


What Homeowners Say 

“I forgot to call you to thank you for the AlabamaWISE Program that has been in Huntsville. The word needs to be spread. Thanks again for allowing me access to this program! Because of the information that the AlabamaWISE program provides, I have highly recommended this service to others.”
-Patricia Simmons, Huntsville, AL

“AlabamaWISE and their contractors did everything I expected of them and explained everything thoroughly. I will be recommending the contractors to others. I would even go through the AlabamaWISE program without a rebate at all.”
 – Jason Knight, Huntsville, AL

“Gary taught me more about energy consumption during that 2-3 hour inspection than anyone has ever taught me in the past. I needed to help save money and conserve energy. The bill we received from Huntsville Utilities this month was $156 lower than the same month last year! We were very pleased.”
– Judy Street, SE Huntsville, AL

“They were prompt, professional, and genuinely passionate about educating and empowering homeowners on methods to reduce energy costs and create a safe, comfortable home. We’re very grateful for all their generosity and hard work, and are looking forward to a future of lower utility bills!”
– Laura Kate Whitney, Birmingham, AL

“They did an incredible job of showing me the leaks and what the problems were with my HVAC system. After I got bids for replacing it, they helped me sort through the bids. I replaced the HVAC system and the duct work. My utility bills are lower than they were AND my house is more comfortable. I am thrilled with this service.”
– Lynne Berry, Huntsville, AL

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