Finance Your Energy Project

Through the AlabamaWISE program, financing is available for energy saving home improvements. We partner with Redstone Federal Credit Union to offer homeowners a 1% financing loan, up to $15,000, over 24 months. Energy efficiency improvements include projects such as window replacement, HVAC installation and servicing, water heating, insulation maintenance, duct work repairs, and air sealing that are completed by our certified and approved contractors. Nexus Energy Center's AlabamaWISE program makes improving your home easy, affordable, and smart.

*If you are already working with a contractor, please contact us to verify they are a participating AlabamaWISE Service Provider. 

Loan Program Process

The AlabamaWISE Loan Program provides loans from $2,500 to $15,000 over a 24-month term at a 1% foxed interest rate and is available to homeowners across Alabama who meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum credit score of 660
  2. Approved AlabamaWISE energy efficiency project on home
  3. Member or affiliate member of Redstone Federal Credit Union


STEP 1: Potential Borrower should provide the following information via or by phone, 256-426-6941 to apply for an AlabamaWISE home energy loan:

  1.  Proof of credit score within the past 90 days
  2. Scope of work from an AlabamaWISE affiliated contractor
  3. Non-refundable $100 administrative loan processing fee. Please make check payable to Nexus Energy Center
  4. Proof that Borrower is a Redstone Federal Credit Union Member or part of one of their Community Service Groups listed at


STEP 2: Loan Approval or Decline is communicated to Borrower via email with additional instructions on next steps.

  1.  If approved, Nexus Energy Center will send Notice to Proceed to the Borrower and the Contractor.
  2.  Contractor will schedule work directly with Borrower


STEP 3: Contractor performs work to Borrower’s satisfaction.

  1. Completes Certificate of Completion with Borrower and sends to Nexus Energy Center with invoices.
  2. Borrower completes RFCU Loan Application (a $20 loan processing fee will be added to total loan amount) and Non-Disclosure Form for the Nexus Energy Center Loan Program, with loan amount (taken from Invoice).


STEP 4: Nexus Energy Center emails the loan docs to both the Borrower and Contractor.

STEP 5: RFCU sends Loan Origination information to Borrower (principle, terms, fees…).

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